How do we get started?
We like to meet you and your pet 1 to 3 days before the first pet sitting visit. That way, we can all get acquainted, and your pet can become comfortable with us.

How will I know if you were able to complete all of your scheduled visits with my pet?
Each time we visit your home to care for your pet, we leave behind a form with notes to let you know what transpired during our visit. We let you know when we were there, if your pet was fed (and walked if desired), how your pet behaved, if we had to clean up after your pet, and any house care duties you asked us to perform. You will know exactly what services we provided.

Will my pet receive personal attention from you?
Absolutely! This is the main reason you ask us to care for your pet in your home. We provide lots of affection to your pet, so that he/she won’t be stressed by your absence. Each time we come, we spend quality time with your pet, talking and playing with them as well as feeding them and taking them outside or on a walk.

What if my pet becomes sick or injured while I am away?
We’ll be ready should the need arise, and we’ll contact you immediately. We will have your veterinarian’s information on hand, as well as your permission to seek medical care for your pet on your behalf. We ask that you contact your veterinarian ahead of time and let them know we will be caring for your pet.

I’d like my dog to have an afternoon walk while I’m at work. Do you offer this service?
Yes! We will spend at least 30 minutes with your dog. You may ask us to spend 15 minutes walking, and then use the remainder of the time playing. We will also feed your dog if needed, at no additional charge.