Hiring A Pet Sitting Service

Hiring a pet sitter is a serious process. Make sure the person you choose is trained and professional. He/she will not only be responsible for your pet, but also will have regular access to your home.

Step 1: Call the pet sitters, or if possible, visit their websites to review their rates, services, service areas, and make sure they can provide the type of service you need.

Step 2: Develop a set of questions and conduct a thorough interview.

Step 3: Ask for references. Develop a set of questions to ask when checking references.

Step 4: Insure that the potential sitter has bonding and liability insurance coverage.

Step 5: Have the pet sitter meet you in your home and make sure he/she interacts well with your pet. Pet sitters will collect information from you regarding your pet’s care, and should have a contract outlining the scope of service as well as policies and procedures.
It’s important to know that services and fees can vary widely from pet sitter to pet sitter. Professional pet sitters are happy to answer your questions – they want you to feel at ease with their services.

From the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters – www.petsitters.org